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• Open our LED it B catalogue as a PDF file >> open it here

LED strips

Unobtrusive mood lighting, general lighting or product presentation – lights for furniture, displays and showcases.
One colour, multicoloured or colourful?
Voltage, power, colour temperature? – this is where we excel!
We shine brightest when you set us a challenge – because we love to advise – and lighting is what we live and breathe.

Get your LED solutions from the roll, not off the peg.


LED profiles

Aluminium and plastic profiles, with various cross-sections and dimensions. A variety of covers, end caps and mounting options.
So everything that belongs together comes together:
LED it B strips and profiles.
LED strips and profiles – assembled according to your specifications, from a minimum quantity of one.

To save you the hassle of using online configurators, we advise you in person and on a project-specific basis.


LED spots

LED lights for kitchen furniture, shelves, display cabinets or wherever light is needed.
Flush-mounted or surface-mounted? Round or square? Linear or spot?
We have the perfect luminaire for you – and if not, we’ll develop one together.

We advise you in person, on site, so that you beam like our luminaires.


LED magnetics

Power supply systems for shelving and furniture.
Magnetic versions or versions for flush- or surface-mounting.

So that your LED lighting in the shelves is always flexible and adjustable.


LED power

Electronic ballasts (EBs) with various forms, voltage ranges and power classes, including certificates and marks of conformity – assembled with cable and plug.

We make sure your hair will never stand on end when you use the plug.


LED equipment

Switches, controls, cables and connector systems – assembled according to your specifications.
We talk to you about cross-sections, lengths, colours, standards, etc.

We are switched on, so that you don't have to switch off.


LED Panel Elm

Laser-engraved acrylic surfaces that illuminate the surface evenly via LED modules that introduce light at the edges.
To display your advertising message in furniture, displays or shops.

So that your products and messages are never overlooked.


• Open our LED it B catalogue as a PDF file >> open it here

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